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from the self-portrait series "Lycantropia" spanning forty years and incorporating personal and political events
from the extensive body of work "Lycantropia" based on self-portraits and the incorporation of contemporary events, concept of Man/Animal
from the "Lycantropia" series incorporating self-portraits and political/personal events
Democracy Mask Political Cycle Scepter, Photo argentique, 2015, 30 x 24 cm
reference in the novel UQ11 Dawn's Improbability by Jean Lamore, 705 pages published 2012 Kiwai Media,  the tongue is strengthened by performing pushups, it is the politician's tool requiring constant development
the Arabic noun "Man" (insein) and the verb "To Forget" (nesia) both having the same root
Arabic lettering for the words "Democracy" and "Jihad" with purple blend inter-zone
bronze, black patina and gold leaf, work done in collaboration with Nasa Hubble Space Telescope, collection ArianeEspace/EADS
this work accompanied by self-portrait with text on coming race war and the choice of sides
part of the sculpted work "Race War"
technique: sculpted mahogany and pygmy hunting shelter, created in the primary forest of the Central African Republic, part of body of work dealing with forest divinities and the rapprochement with the self
amuletic sculpture
reflection on the permanent condition of humanity, forever in conflict at some point on the globe
Portrait de Nuage 1, 60 x 35 cm, pastel
Portrait de nuage 2, 65 x 50 cm, pastel
automobile destroyed by missile strike, formal relation with the folded/crumpled newspapers of the late 70s and early 80s
from the body of work on the Wall, related to the film "Building Oblivion", Jean  Lamore 2007
private collection Milano
taking hostage self, cutting own throat
from the extensive self-portrait body of work "Lycantropia"s incorporating personal and political and political elements
accompanies the red wax bas-relief "Massacre des Innocents"
somatic dispersion series
Africa/Occident situational works, with cross-references to Jean Lamore's political interventions, published articles, interviews, debates, videos and the film "Building Oblivion"
created in the immediate aftermath of Sabra/Chatila
the first of a group of works dealing with Mercantile/Political cycles, Warfare/Finance
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Crapaud éclaté.JPG
Nuage 5.JPG
Torrent 2.JPG
Torrent 1.JPG
Nuage 2.JPG
Feuille avec lézard.JPG
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